October, 2012


Big enough and ugly enough to know better

In this post we look at a fish that’s bigger than a banker’s Range Rover and even less attractive. Examples of both can be found at the bottom of the Atlantic around the coast of Iceland. Saying the Atlantic Halibut […]


Tallest in its class but easily overlooked

At 196 metres, we think Glymur should get some more respect. Once upon a time Glymur, the highest waterfall in Iceland, was a pretty popular destination. Not surprisingly, given that it takes less than an hour to drive from Reykjavík […]


Burning wine, sir? Or perhaps sir would prefer Black Death?

The official Icelandic national schnapps is not unlike Hobbes’s natural state of mankind: nasty, brutish and short. Having a national beverage seems to be de rigeur for small countries who want to sell stuff to tourists maintain their cultural identity. Iceland […]


There must be something fishy about people who drink this every morning

Are you getting enough PUFAs? If you take lýsi every day, you probably are. Lýsi is the Icelandic word for cod liver oil; and it’s extremely popular here on The Rock. PUFAs, on the other hand, are polyunsaturated fatty acids, […]

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It’s not just the ‘mañana attitude’ that makes Iceland the ‘Mediterraean of the North’

Of course we realise that people don’t come to Iceland for the beaches. The Blue Lagoon, maybe, but the beach? Hardly. But should you find yourself on a warm summer’s day in Reykjavík with nothing better to do (and remember […]


A tasty tango: deliciously dicing with death?

Rarer than a Michelin star for McDonald’s, Blue Ópal were Icelandic sweets, but they are no more. They have ceased to be. Expired and gone to meet their maker. They are ex-sweets. Along with its Red and Green-boxed cousins, Blue […]


Come dip with me…in power station runoff

Native creatures with white stuff on their faces, sloshing around in hot sulphuric water filled with minerals, silica and algae? No, it’s not the plot of an old horror movie. It’s just the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a […]


That Big Church in Iceland what is big and weird and helpful and stuff

To the locals it’s Hallgrímskirkja. To visitors it’s usually “That Big Church”. As Reykjavík’s tallest building, That Big Church (also known as Hallgrímskirkja, but don’t try to pronounce that by yourself) is a convenient landmark for tourists finding their way […]

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Right-on Reykjavík: vegetarian virtues

Here we discuss how being a vegetarian in Iceland has not traditionally been so much a lifestyle as a constant struggle. Abandon hope all ye vegetarians who enter here isn’t actually a sign in the arrivals hall, but until a […]


Is it a wolf? Is it a cat? No, it’s Anarhichas lupus!

In this blog post we take a closer look at the undersea world’s answer to Keith Richards. Also known as the Atlantic catfish, sea wolf, wolf eel and Anarhichas lupus (which, funnily enough, were all names for lesser known 80s […]

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