November, 2012


Glacier tourism in winter: are we mad? Mais non, monsieur!

  Some people might think visiting glaciers while on Iceland holidays is a bad/boring/dangerous/too cold idea at the best of times. But those people are wrong: glaciers provide some of the most spectacular views and biggest thrills in the entire […]


Northern lights: you might be the knight* who wins the fight for free flights on a WOW air kite. Yes, that’s right, you might!

You know how you like free stuff, right? And you know how you really want to visit Iceland? And then remember the fact that you think the northern lights are pretty cool, and never forget that you think WOW air […]


WOW air really is the cheapest, it’s official!

We always tell you, our dear guests and other FoW (Friends of WOW), that we offer the cheapest flights to and from Iceland. We also assume that you believe us, because we always try to be decent, upstanding, honest kinds […]


Tense those buttocks and suck in that gut: WOW air welcomes world bodybuilders to Iceland

The World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation has been taking its latest impressive show and competitions around North America since the end of August; but now it’s time for the European leg of the tour which is going to be held […]


Don’t worry about winter: Iceland’s open all year

These days Reykjavík seems to be almost as popular among tourists in the winter as it is in the summer; but the same cannot be said for the rest of the country. And that’s a great shame, because there’s plenty […]


WOW air caught peddling books to unwilling youngsters

  It sounds like a scandal. But the real scandal is that a quarter of Iceland’s boys can’t read adequately in their own language. The CEO of WOW air decided he wanted to do something about it. The reluctance to […]


WOW air is Iceland’s most punctual airline

  We are pleased (although not at all surprised) to announce that WOW air is the most punctual airline using Iceland’s Keflavík International Airport in the latest airline survey. The regular survey is carried out by www.turisti.is and ranks WOW […]


Think you’re ready for a dip in an Icelandic swimming pool? Read this first!

The Icelandic swimming pool is a mysterious and exciting place which, with a few pointers, everyone will love. Especially those who can’t swim. Practically every city, town, village and hamlet has at least one large, fully staffed public swimming complex. […]


Icelandic Movie Madness Infestation (IMMI)

If you’re a certified Iceland nut you probably thought the letters IMMI stood for something quite different; but that’s okay, we can forgive your mistake. This is the latest in our series of blog posts on the modern-day film industry […]

Planet Earth

Iceland from above is “out of this world”

  We’ve been telling you about how special and unique Iceland is for ages now, and with the help of a rather special Russian photographer, the message is now exploding around the world. Andrey Ermolaev took to the skies over […]

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