December, 2012

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New Year’s Eve in Iceland

As with the entire festive period in Iceland, New Year’s is culturally significant and has its own set of conventions and traditions; the biggest of which is the mantra “fireworks…and lots of them!” You may or may not have heard […]


Happy New Year from WOW air!

2012 has been great. Fantastic. The best year ever for WOW air. Okay, so the only year ever for WOW air. And that’s what was so great about it! 2013 is going to be the year we cement ourselves into […]


Is Iceland in the Arctic or not?

There are three definitions of what the word ‘Arctic’ means. One puts Iceland entirely outside the Arctic, another puts a fraction of the country inside it, and the third puts over half the country in the Arctic. But wait, there’s […]

Happy Christmas Santa

Christmas greetings from WOW air

This is WOW air’s first Christmas as a functioning airline and only it’s second ever as a registered company. However you look at it, we’re a young company and you know how kids get over Christmas… We absolutely love it. […]

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Reykjavik named among best New Year’s Eve parties

The Huffington Post has named the Icelandic capital, Reykjavík, among its top 20 world destinations in which to party on NYE. Reykjavík joins such renowned spots as New York, Paris, Sydney and Rio on account of its throbbing nightlife, energetic […]

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Christmas conventions and festive fanfare

  Christmas is a festival steeped in tradition, this much is obvious. And perhaps it is especially obvious in Iceland. The rituals of Christmas are ingrained on the nation’s psyche in a manner leading to far more organisational prowess and […]

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Christmas in Iceland

Icelandic jól (Yule) festivities could – and probably do somewhere – fill a book. But that’s not to say we’re not going to make a valiant attempt at providing a solid introduction here. Christmas occurs around the darkest time of […]


It’s no disorder to be affected by the seasons

Forgetting all about Christmas for a moment, this period of long winter nights and chilly air seems like the perfect time to think a bit about the seasons. And, as with so many things, Iceland does things differently here too. […]


How to cook a traditional Icelandic Christmas meal

For most Icelanders the smell of hangikjöt (hanged meat / smoked lamb) is a pleasant reminder of Christmas. Although hangikjöt is mostly associated with the Holidays it can also be found in an Icelandic midwinter festival known as Þorri celebrated […]


As the song goes, “It’s the most deliciousest time of the year!”

Remember being a small kid at Christmas? It was all about the presents and the general excitement of the season. If anything, all that delicious food just consumed time and got in the way of all the good stuff. But […]

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