January, 2013

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Summer is on its way!

WOW air loves summer. We love the birds. We love the bees. And we love our guests – and no other season provides us with as much to do as the summer does! The world visits Iceland at the same […]



It would be silly to claim that the best tapas restaurant in the world is to be found in Reykjavík, Iceland. But it would be silly only because there are too many tapas restaurants in the world to visit and […]



The town of Egilsstaðir is East Iceland. Or, to put it another way, it is the biggest town and major service centre in the whole east of the country. It has a population of under 2,500. The East Fjords are […]

fish market

The Fish Market

The Fish Market is not like any fish market, that‘s for sure. It is one of Reykjavík‘s fancier restaurants and a culinary experience you‘ll not soon forget. Just knowing that the (female) head chef is a member of the Icelandic […]

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The Highlands

The Highlands of central Iceland represent the biggest part of the country and are full of wonderful and diverse attractions. But at the same time, they are inaccessible for much of the year and not a single person lives there. […]

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Sushisamba is still relatively new on the Reykjavík restaurant scene and is a novel, exciting and fresh dining experience. Not only is the Japanese/South American fusion food a delightful mash-up, but the décor and atmosphere are like no other in […]

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We’re the cheapest yet again

Dohop.com, one of the world’s leading travel booking websites, happens to be based in Iceland. Since late last year the company has been monitoring the cost of flights to and from Iceland and releasing its findings to the media. This […]

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Looking for contrasts and change in Iceland

By Lorraine Warren: I first fell in love with Iceland back in 2005. It was a work trip, a conference workshop, that was held at Bifröst University. The name of the conference was ‘Fire and Ice’. It was about aesthetics […]

curry gandhi


You know full well who Gandhi was. But he is also an Indian restaurant in the capital of Iceland. Luckily the restaurant is a suitable tribute to the great man’s name; being one of the best tasting destinations in the […]

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Alcohol in Iceland

Iceland has some pretty weird laws about alcohol. Here we give you the quick low-down you’re going to need to navigate the boozy maze. You’ll notice we have all sorts of alcoholic drinks for sale in bars, restaurants and cafés […]

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