February, 2013


Northern lights photo competition winners announced!

You may or may not remember the little competition we were running, offering free flights in return for great northern lights photographs. Well, anyway, we promised results in February and managed to stick to that promise just about…despite the fact […]

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Icelandic media

Iceland has a huge media sector for such a small country. In fact we have almost everything everyone else has; such as weekly and daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines, free and subscription television channels, talk radio and music radio, […]

hemmi og valdi

Hemmi og Valdi

Nýlenduvöruverslun Hemma og Valda, to give Hemmi og Valdi its proper name, is one of the cosiest and most distinctive café/bars in Iceland. The dark, slightly cluttered and old-fashioned, interior is dotted with interesting ornaments and artefacts and different coloured […]



Borgarnes is one of the biggest towns in West Iceland, and the only one that the Route 1 ring road runs directly through. It is also a misunderstood town with more going for it than a lot of people think. […]

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Alpine inspiration for Shutter Ísland

Perhaps confusingly, Team Nine only has two members. They are a two-man team from Switzerland who love nothing more than creating travel videos designed to inspire people to get out and see the world. If their Iceland video, Shutter Ísland […]

water beach

Let’s talk about…water

Yes, water. Possibly the most interesting, and also boring, topic in the world. It’s all over the place, it’s clear, it doesn’t have much taste and rain is made of it. On the other hand, it created our most impressive […]


Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar

Try saying that one out loud a few times! Luckily this place also goes under the unofficial English name, Burgerjoint. Búllan (as it is also known) is the definitive Icelandic American fast food hamburger experience. Tommi, the owner, is a […]

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Selfoss is the fifth biggest town in Iceland (if you lump the capital city municipalities together as one) and is the biggest settlement in the South. And as Route 1 runs right through it, there is a very good chance […]

english pub

English Pub

The English Pub in Reykjavík is all you could ever want from a pub: it has a very wide selection of beers and whiskies, is nearly always busy, has live music every night, shows live sports on huge screens and […]



When you think about how the immense Ásbyrgi canyon was probably made, it surely ranks among Iceland’s most remarkable natural features. But if you don’t think about how it was made and just take it on face value, then it […]

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