April, 2013

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WOW air news: emergency lockdown and urging Uganda

Here’s your latest dose of Icelandic news snippets, carefully snipped for you from the sneaky snoopers in the WOW air newsroom. Today’s stories come from DV.is To start, let’s talk about Uganda. Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera is one of the African […]


Vík í Mýrdal

The town of Vík, as it is usually known, is an important regional service centre right in the centre of South Iceland. It is the biggest town for miles around and almost everyone in Iceland has been there, as the […]


WOW air news: new government and new global TV franchise

After all the excitement of the Icelandic elections this weekend, here is a quick round-up of that and other interesting snippets from the WOW news team. Today’s news comes from RÚV.is We should probably start with the big gun: that […]

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Iceland in space!

Most small nations have very little to do with the endless realms of space. After all, running a space programme is not cheap-as-chips and small populations make it statistically less likely NASA will pick them to be flung off the […]

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WOW air news: no apes for sale and a big election

Here is the latest round-up of interesting Icelandic news straight to your reading eyes from the writing fingers at the WOW air newsroom. Today’s stories come from Vísir.is Let us start with the biggest story: Iceland goes to the polls […]

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Reykjanesbær is Iceland’s fifth biggest community, but you may never have even heard of it. Chances are, though, that you have heard of Keflavík – the biggest town making up the municipality. Nearly all visitors to Iceland travel through Keflavík […]

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Iceland the toast of British travellers

According to those fun financial fellows at American Express, Iceland was one of the top three hottest destinations for British travellers in the first quarter of 2013. They clearly didn’t ask everyone in the UK for their opinion, so how […]

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Icelandic summer begins today!

Yes, that’s right: ignore the snow on the ground and get barbecuing. Today really is the first day of summer in Iceland and just to prove it, it’s even a national holiday. Hooray! Schools, offices and many shops are closed […]

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WOW air news: beer throwing brute and teetotaler ban

Today we once again bring you a selection of exciting Icelandic news for your reading pleasure, straight from the WOW air newsroom. Don’t worry, there’s no boring stuff. Today all the news comes from Pressan.is We’ll start today with news […]



Skagafjörður is a wide fjord, maybe even a bay, in Northwest Iceland (not the Westfjords) which is home to the large town of Sauðárkrókur and some lovely natural surroundings. Another great thing about Skagafjörður is that it’s a little bit […]

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