May, 2013

Happy Birthday to us! A whole year of cheap flights to Iceland.

Today at the WOW air headquarters in Iceland, we are celebrating the one year anniversary of our first flight. We are proud of having been able to provide cheap flights to Iceland and for continuously adding new destinations. We now […]


Coffee Crazy Icelanders

Your holiday in Iceland is sure to include a lot of coffee and at least one café. You will soon find out that Icelanders are crazy about their coffee. They drink it all day, every day and it is an […]

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BBC ponders why Iceland is such a safe place

One of yesterday’s most popular articles on the BBC News website was an essay written by an American law student asking why violent crime in Iceland is so very rare — given that there are plenty of guns around. Andrew […]

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WOW air news: support Iceland!

The biggest topic of the day is quite clearly the Eurovision Song Contest. Iceland performs in the second semi-final this evening. Everyone’s really excited… As explored in this WOW magazine article here, Eurovision is big business in Iceland. It’s like […]


The Icelandic accent and dialect

Icelanders have a habit of speaking very good English. This much is widely known – but you may not have encountered some of the stranger, more endearing aspects of Icelanders speaking ‘foreign’. Icelanders are exposed to foreign languages on TV […]

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WOW air news: Julia Stiles, more phones & more equality

Another day, another news round-up – and today’s stories go like this: good, bad, “meh”, bad, good, good. So let’s begin. The news today has been reaped, skimmed, clipped and otherwise harvested from Vísir.is Good: The Hollywood actress Julia Stiles […]

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Have fun pronouncing that one! Skólavörðastígur is actually a street in central Reykjavík. Of the four big names in downtown shopping streets, Skólavörðustígur is by far the classiest, the most creative, and probably the most self-conscious too. Let’s start with […]

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WOW air news: nature, prizes, nature, birthday, nature & success

In case you didn’t guess, there is a lot about nature and the environment in today’s top headlines. And why not? It is extremely important, after all… Today’s headlines are based on news from RÚV.is Arguably the pearl in North […]

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The extremely easy to pronounce Landmannalaugar area of Iceland’s southern Highlands is one of the most Icelandic looking places in the world. Landmannalaugar looks extremely Icelandic not because most of Iceland looks like this (it doesn’t), but because Iceland is […]


WOW air news: Jeremy Clarkson, neo-con-com & lobster trouble

Well, it’s that time of day again. Time for us to make like Mummy Bird and regurgitate some nourishing news nuggets for ingestion by information-insatiable international Icelandophiles. Or something like that… Today’s top titbits come to you from DV.is Iceland […]

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