November, 2013

Gatwick train

London Gatwick – Christmas train disruption

Are you flying with WOW air to or from London during the Christmas period? Then you will have to plan your journey carefully to and from Gatwick. Rail improvement works over Christmas and New Year will seriously affect train services […]

Reykjavik police

WOW air news: police stops a one man’s rímur party

Rímur is an old Icelandic type of epic vocal poem, with fixed diatonic melodies. It has remained unchanged for five whole centuries and seems to be very much alive still today, as a recent article on visir.is confirms. “We are […]

Icelandic IKEA Christmas Goat

WOW air news: the tragic fate of the IKEA Christmas goat

As WOW air now offers cheap flights between Sweden and Iceland, we here at the office are excited about everything Swedish – and what is more so than IKEA?! Of course there is an IKEA in Iceland (only one though) […]


Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, interested in remaking an Icelandic film

Fred Durst, the singer of the American metal band Limp Bizkit has expressed interest in remaking the Icelandic film Metalhead (Málmhaus), according to ruv.is. Durst has reportedly had a phone meeting with the producers and the film’s director Ragnar Bragson. […]


Iceland’s icons of contemporary popular music

Þorvaldur Bjarni Þorvaldsson is one of Iceland’s leading songwriters with over 300 published songs, six musicals and many national hits under his belt. As one of the founders of one of Iceland’s most popular rock group Todmobile, founded 25 years […]

WOW cyclothon

It was the best of times!

The annual WOW cyclothon is a 1332 km relay race, circling Iceland where one cyclist passes the baton to the next in teams of 6-10 people. Held from June 19-22, the longest days of the year, in rain, mud and […]


Skálmöld’s reign of terror

Skálmöld was founded in August 2009 and has since become the biggest metal act in Iceland. Skálmöld plays music that could be described as “battle metal”, a potion of epic Viking metal, old school death and thrash metal, entwined with […]