January, 2014

An array of Thorri food, pickled lamb products, cured shark and dried fish.

Hello to Thorri in Iceland

We’re certainly stinking up the place here at the WOW air headquarters today. The reason is our celebration of Husband’s Day, the first day of the old Icelandic calendar month Thorri. If you book cheap flights to Iceland right now […]

Green and blue lights in giant boxes in Reykjavik centre during Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival

Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival

The Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival will be held on February 6-15. It’s not too late to find cheap flights to Reykjavik and celebrate this highlight on Reykjavik’s festival calendar. Last year’s Winter Lights attracted over 40,000 guests with 220 registered […]

A haggard looking Walter Mitty / Ben Stiller with a scateboard / longboard standing on a country road in Iceland

Iceland as Iceland in Walter Mitty movie

Did you just watch Iceland in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Are you now searching for cheap flights to Iceland? Well look no further, the Walter Mitty experience could be closer than you think, and cheaper if you travel with […]

Great display of Northern Lights over a body of water in the Icelandic country side

The Northern Lights in Iceland are stronger than ever

According to the Geophysical Institute at The University of Alaska Fairbanks a strong auroral activity is expected over Iceland tonight. The forecast says this is due to a large, Earth-facing solar event that occurred on January 7th and that the […]

ticket prices to and from Iceland

WOW air offers the cheapest flights to Iceland

Looking for cheap flights to Iceland? WOW air offers the cheapest flights to and from Iceland according to Dohop. Dohop, an independent online travel portal, did a broad study on flights to and from Iceland and concluded that WOW air […]