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The price of pylsa …

The aftermath of the financial crash has is a silver lining … Because of the crash the Icelandic krona doesn’t have the super value it used to and now Iceland is an affordable place to visit! If you are travelling on a budget you already […]

Food and fun festival in Reykjavik, Iceland

Food and fun in Reykjavik

Find cheap flights to Reykjavik with WOW air and have a real taste of Iceland. Food & Fun, held 26 February – 2 March, is a festival that mixes outstanding culinary skills and fresh natural ingredients, an Icelandic outdoor adventure […]

Beer from Borg Brugghus. Celabrate the national beer day in Iceland

The national Beer Day in Iceland

March 1st is the national Beer Day in Iceland and this year we will celebrate 25 years of legally drinking this golden beverage. Book cheap flights to Reykjavik with WOW air and get ready for the beer tasting of a […]

An array of Thorri food, pickled lamb products, cured shark and dried fish.

Hello to Thorri in Iceland

We’re certainly stinking up the place here at the WOW air headquarters today. The reason is our celebration of Husband’s Day, the first day of the old Icelandic calendar month Thorri. If you book cheap flights to Iceland right now […]


Ten WOW things to do in Iceland – Svandís Nanna Pétursdóttir

Svandís Nanna Pétursdóttir is a 23 year old stewardess, born and raised in Reykjavik. She’s adventurous and loves all sorts of crazy things. During the winter she studies Tourism at the University of Iceland. Svandís Nanna loves travelling all around […]


Ten WOW things to do in Iceland – Catherine Côté

Catherine Côté is a very colourful French-Canadian girl, who has lived in Iceland for almost a year now. She came to Iceland for the first time in 2010, and loved it so much that she promised herself to go back […]


Coffee Crazy Icelanders

Your holiday in Iceland is sure to include a lot of coffee and at least one café. You will soon find out that Icelanders are crazy about their coffee. They drink it all day, every day and it is an […]



Harlem is the latest in the illustrious line of trendy Reykjavík bars known more for their cool clientèle and great nights out than for their furniture, décor and ambience. Let’s start with the negative and build to the positive, shall […]


Speciality and gourmet foods in Iceland

Here we take a look at the classier, more unexpected side of Icelandic cuisine; whether you want local honey, organic produce, farmers’ markets, or something even more unexpected, this is a good place to start. Bees have lived in Iceland […]

Tuna steak

Pure Iceland

Icelandic restaurants enjoy some of the purest materials available, grown and caught in a pure and unpolluted natural environment. The Icelandic fish is renowned for its quality, harvested in a responsible manner, and produced to the highest industry standards. Icelandic […]

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