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hemmi og valdi

Hemmi og Valdi

Nýlenduvöruverslun Hemma og Valda, to give Hemmi og Valdi its proper name, is one of the cosiest and most distinctive café/bars in Iceland. The dark, slightly cluttered and old-fashioned, interior is dotted with interesting ornaments and artefacts and different coloured […]

water beach

Let’s talk about…water

Yes, water. Possibly the most interesting, and also boring, topic in the world. It’s all over the place, it’s clear, it doesn’t have much taste and rain is made of it. On the other hand, it created our most impressive […]


Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar

Try saying that one out loud a few times! Luckily this place also goes under the unofficial English name, Burgerjoint. Búllan (as it is also known) is the definitive Icelandic American fast food hamburger experience. Tommi, the owner, is a […]

english pub

English Pub

The English Pub in Reykjavík is all you could ever want from a pub: it has a very wide selection of beers and whiskies, is nearly always busy, has live music every night, shows live sports on huge screens and […]



Humarhúsið, or the Lobster House, has been open since 1993 and is therefore celebrating 20 glorious years of lies. Why lies, you ask? Simply because they don’t sell lobster. The word ‘lobster’ in English means ‘humar’ in Icelandic. But the […]



Prikið is a place to eat, a place to drink and a place to dance. It is also a place to recover from the drinking and the dancing. And it is nothing short of a Reykjavík institution. It is the […]


Café Babalú

This tropical yellow upstairs café with the rooftop sundeck looks like some sort of miniature version of California in the 1980s from the outside, and is more like a hippie grandmother’s flat in the 1970s on the inside (not that […]

bar 11

Bar 11

Bar 11 is a many-fabled wonderland of hot, thumping rock music, inadequate toilets, bad smells, cheap drinks, not having enough personal space to lift your glass to your lips, and of literally everybody thinking themselves lucky to be there. Since […]



In a city where the swankier a bar is, the quicker it tends to be replaced by something even better, b5 has bucked the trend. The pleasant name b5 comes from the street address at Bankastræti 5 and it is […]

laekjarbrekka banner


Lækjarbrekka, meaning roughly ‘slope by the stream’, is a classical Icelandic gourmet experience. It has been there for over 20 years; but thanks to the décor and the building itself, it feels an awful lot older. This is luxury in […]

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