Northern Lights over Kleifarvatn in Iceland

It’s almost like being there

Iceland really is the photographers dream and some of them do things a little bit differently. If you follow WOW air’s awesome Facebook page you’ve probably seen the equally awesome 360° photo of the northern lights we shared recently. We […]

Halldor Helgason jumps on snowboard between buildings in Akureyri

The Helgasons are on board

Halldór wowed the judges at the 2010 Games in the Big Jump Category, scoring a gold and since then the brothers have gone on to start their own companies, get a place in Monaco, make videos and party. The brothers travel […]

Art Farm in Jutland, Denmark

Art farming in Denmark

Near Mols, on a small peninsula on the east coast of Jutland, Denmark, there stands an empty farm, its large barns and outhouses vacant and lifeless. But this can’t be said of the person showing me around; he is anything […]

justin bieber

The Bieber fan Arnrun Lea and her 10 things to do in northern Iceland

Arnrún Lea Einarsdóttir is a flight attendant for WOW air, she‘s 24 years old, living and loving life in Kópavogur, but comes from the capital of northern Iceland, Akureyri. She‘s gone twice to see Justin Bieber in concert! When she‘s […]

Sara Dis, Icelandic horse

Ten WOW things to do on the East Fjords in Iceland – Sara Dis Tumadottir

Sara Dís is 24 years old and works at the Tourist Information Centre in Egilsstadir. She shared with WOW magazine her top ten WOW things to do on the East Fjords in Iceland. Sandra Dís says: The East Fjords are […]

Northern lights iceland

Renata’s holiday in Iceland

We at WOW air love reading about your holidays in Iceland. Renata is a travel blogger and photographer that came to Iceland recently.    We stumbled upon your fun blog about your holiday in Iceland. We loved your writing and […]