Ten WOW things to do in Iceland – Svandís Nanna Pétursdóttir

Svandís Nanna Pétursdóttir is a 23 year old stewardess, born and raised in Reykjavik. She’s adventurous and loves all sorts of crazy things. During the winter she studies Tourism at the University of Iceland. Svandís Nanna loves travelling all around […]


Ten WOW things to do in Iceland – Catherine Côté

Catherine Côté is a very colourful French-Canadian girl, who has lived in Iceland for almost a year now. She came to Iceland for the first time in 2010, and loved it so much that she promised herself to go back […]


Reykjavik street art

From humble, scribbled-on-with-a-marker-pen beginnings, Reykjavik’s graffiti scene has blossomed and attracts envious admirers from around the world. That’s pretty impressive for a city which would be described as small by almost any standard. Reykjavík’s street art doesn’t have the gritty […]


Major movie news from Iceland, see the video here

Iceland is regularly used by film-makers for its unique landscape and there is always a buzz of excitement when flights to Iceland arrive full of Hollywood stars. This time round the country is joining the whole world in anticipation of […]


Northern lights photo competition winners announced!

You may or may not remember the little competition we were running, offering free flights in return for great northern lights photographs. Well, anyway, we promised results in February and managed to stick to that promise just about…despite the fact […]

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Alpine inspiration for Shutter Ísland

Perhaps confusingly, Team Nine only has two members. They are a two-man team from Switzerland who love nothing more than creating travel videos designed to inspire people to get out and see the world. If their Iceland video, Shutter Ísland […]


Birdwatching in Iceland

Iceland is famous for its birds – and not only the human variety. The country in the North Atlantic attracts millions of migratory birds every year in a unique geographical blend. Mostly typical of Western European species, Iceland also attracts […]


Come and see our pictures

We’re very pleased to be able to draw your attention a little in the direction of our Pinterest page, where you’ll find some truly ‘WOW’ photographs collected together Pfor Pyour Pown Ppersonal Pinterest. The pictures awaiting your perusal at the […]

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Northern lights

In some ways Iceland is almost a fairly normal place, sometimes. But that certainly cannot be said of the nights. The frantic weekend partying is perennial, but you have to book flights to Iceland at specific times if you want […]


A truly epic journey (video)

As spring begins to to grip the land, with nothing more than tentative fingertips, Chad, Forrest and Chad take to sail, ski and kayak to explore one of the remotest (and most beautiful) corners of Iceland. People lived on the […]

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