A woman in a bathrobe relaxes besides the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

The accidental Blue Lagoon

Ever heard of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland? Of course you have. This is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland and it’s renowned for its healing powers. If you’ve already booked your cheap flights to Iceland with WOW […]

Blue Lagoon

The center of the earth, northern lights and all that jazz

You’ve booked your cheap flight to Iceland, but want to plan your holiday and are thinking about what to do. Well, search no further! Our travel experts have put together the top ten things to do and put it on […]

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How to get the adrenaline pumping in Iceland

Few places are as dramatic or exciting to look at as Iceland. Just being here is a real thrill; but what activities are on offer designed specifically to get the blood pumping that little bit faster? You see the challenge […]

crazy guys

Ten crazy things to do in Iceland

In no particular order: 1. Go hidden Yes, it’s the old chestnut about elves, trolls and hidden people. You see, while not many people actually claim to believe in them, there are similarly few people in Iceland who categorically do […]


Sport in Iceland

It will surprise nobody to hear that sport in Iceland is popular. It’s popular in every country. It is also not particularly surprising that the sport Europeans call football and North Americans call soccer is probably the most popular sport […]


Top reasons to travel to Iceland

WOW! Where to begin? Iceland is a pretty big place and there’s loads to do here at any time of year. Cheap flights to Iceland with WOW air are a pretty good incentive to visit, but they are not a […]

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Ten top things to experience in Iceland

This is a list of ten things we think you will like to experience in Iceland – or maybe not ‘like’ in all cases, but things you probably ‘should try’. You will note that the title says ten top things […]

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Weird and unusual things to do in Iceland

Let’s get one thing straight: Iceland is weird and unusual to start with. So you don’t need to look far to find suitable activities. The fact that people jump in the water to warm up, instead of to cool down, […]

WOW Cyclothon

Ready, set, go!

One of the very best things about Iceland are the long, bright summer nights. Combine the bright long nights with the country’s beautiful nature and the possibilities for outdoor activities become endless. For many years, people from all over the […]