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A woman in a bathrobe relaxes besides the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

The accidental Blue Lagoon

Ever heard of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland? Of course you have. This is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland and it’s renowned for its healing powers. If you’ve already booked your cheap flights to Iceland with WOW […]

A haggard looking Walter Mitty / Ben Stiller with a scateboard / longboard standing on a country road in Iceland

Iceland as Iceland in Walter Mitty movie

Did you just watch Iceland in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Are you now searching for cheap flights to Iceland? Well look no further, the Walter Mitty experience could be closer than you think, and cheaper if you travel with […]

ticket prices to and from Iceland

WOW air offers the cheapest flights to Iceland

Looking for cheap flights to Iceland? WOW air offers the cheapest flights to and from Iceland according to Dohop. Dohop, an independent online travel portal, did a broad study on flights to and from Iceland and concluded that WOW air […]

Happy Birthday to us! A whole year of cheap flights to Iceland.

Today at the WOW air headquarters in Iceland, we are celebrating the one year anniversary of our first flight. We are proud of having been able to provide cheap flights to Iceland and for continuously adding new destinations. We now […]



There is no ‘nicer’ adventure than taking a trip to Þórsmörk. It’s ‘nice’ because your destination is one of Iceland’s more pleasant and welcoming pearls of nature; but it is an adventure because getting there is an exciting trek. Photo: […]


Inspiring Iceland with Design March festival

It’s March again and that means those who visit Reykjavik will notice even more artistic flare than usual thanks to the ever-popular Design March festival which takes over the Icelandic capital city this weekend. Design March is both a celebration […]

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Summer is on its way!

WOW air loves summer. We love the birds. We love the bees. And we love our guests – and no other season provides us with as much to do as the summer does! The world visits Iceland at the same […]

lost tourists

Looking for contrasts and change in Iceland

By Lorraine Warren: I first fell in love with Iceland back in 2005. It was a work trip, a conference workshop, that was held at Bifröst University. The name of the conference was ‘Fire and Ice’. It was about aesthetics […]