New Year's Bonfire in Iceland

A Happy New Year in Iceland

As parties go in Iceland there is probably none bigger than New Year’s Eve. Icelanders go all out on food, drinks and fireworks. Some celebrate just with their family but others invite their friends over for a night of partying […]

Happy Christmas Santa

Christmas greetings from WOW air

This is WOW air’s first Christmas as a functioning airline and only it’s second ever as a registered company. However you look at it, we’re a young company and you know how kids get over Christmas… We absolutely love it. […]

christmas 1

Christmas conventions and festive fanfare

  Christmas is a festival steeped in tradition, this much is obvious. And perhaps it is especially obvious in Iceland. The rituals of Christmas are ingrained on the nation’s psyche in a manner leading to far more organisational prowess and […]

christmas 3

Christmas in Iceland

Icelandic jól (Yule) festivities could – and probably do somewhere – fill a book. But that’s not to say we’re not going to make a valiant attempt at providing a solid introduction here. Christmas occurs around the darkest time of […]


How to cook a traditional Icelandic Christmas meal

For most Icelanders the smell of hangikjöt (hanged meat / smoked lamb) is a pleasant reminder of Christmas. Although hangikjöt is mostly associated with the Holidays it can also be found in an Icelandic midwinter festival known as Þorri celebrated […]


As the song goes, “It’s the most deliciousest time of the year!”

Remember being a small kid at Christmas? It was all about the presents and the general excitement of the season. If anything, all that delicious food just consumed time and got in the way of all the good stuff. But […]


Don’t be scared, it’s only Christmas in Reykjavik

Christmas in Iceland is like nothing you’ve ever seen anywhere else. But now you can experience it in all its weird glory with Reykjavík City’s new Christmas creatures game from the 6th December. It’s fair to guess you didn’t grow […]


Are you ready for summer yet? We (almost) are!

  Early December is about as far away from summer as you can get in Northern Europe and people are thinking more about stollen than sunshine and more about tinsel than tanning. But in typical WOW air style, we’ve started […]

Reykjavik Christmas

Getting that Christmassy feeling? No, nor are we…yet

It’s way too early to be getting excited about Christmas and New Year’s just yet and as usual the shops are taking flack from the average Josephine on the street for getting in the festive spirit too early. Retailers’ jobs […]