An array of Thorri food, pickled lamb products, cured shark and dried fish.

Hello to Thorri in Iceland

We’re certainly stinking up the place here at the WOW air headquarters today. The reason is our celebration of Husband’s Day, the first day of the old Icelandic calendar month Thorri. If you book cheap flights to Iceland right now […]


Ten WOW things to do in Iceland – Svandís Nanna Pétursdóttir

Svandís Nanna Pétursdóttir is a 23 year old stewardess, born and raised in Reykjavik. She’s adventurous and loves all sorts of crazy things. During the winter she studies Tourism at the University of Iceland. Svandís Nanna loves travelling all around […]

Tuna steak

Pure Iceland

Icelandic restaurants enjoy some of the purest materials available, grown and caught in a pure and unpolluted natural environment. The Icelandic fish is renowned for its quality, harvested in a responsible manner, and produced to the highest industry standards. Icelandic […]

sushisamba banner


Sushisamba is still relatively new on the Reykjavík restaurant scene and is a novel, exciting and fresh dining experience. Not only is the Japanese/South American fusion food a delightful mash-up, but the décor and atmosphere are like no other in […]


Reykjavík restaurants

Some people worry about the food in Iceland (separate article about that particular kettle of pickled fish testicles can be read here); but whether you’re on a tight budget, strictly vegetarian, or simply don’t like soured sheep face jelly, you […]


As the song goes, “It’s the most deliciousest time of the year!”

Remember being a small kid at Christmas? It was all about the presents and the general excitement of the season. If anything, all that delicious food just consumed time and got in the way of all the good stuff. But […]


Food in Iceland is (often) suitable for human consumption

Ah, here we go. Icelandic food. That old chestnut (or is it a ram’s testicle?). If you want weird, we got weird. But don’t be fooled into thinking we don’t also have delicious. The world has become increasingly familiar with […]

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Right-on Reykjavík: vegetarian virtues

Here we discuss how being a vegetarian in Iceland has not traditionally been so much a lifestyle as a constant struggle. Abandon hope all ye vegetarians who enter here isn’t actually a sign in the arrivals hall, but until a […]