A woman in a bathrobe relaxes besides the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

The accidental Blue Lagoon

Ever heard of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland? Of course you have. This is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland and it’s renowned for its healing powers. If you’ve already booked your cheap flights to Iceland with WOW […]

Sara Dis, Icelandic horse

Ten WOW things to do on the East Fjords in Iceland – Sara Dis Tumadottir

Sara Dís is 24 years old and works at the Tourist Information Centre in Egilsstadir. She shared with WOW magazine her top ten WOW things to do on the East Fjords in Iceland. Sandra Dís says: The East Fjords are […]

landmannalaugar banner


The extremely easy to pronounce Landmannalaugar area of Iceland’s southern Highlands is one of the most Icelandic looking places in the world. Landmannalaugar looks extremely Icelandic not because most of Iceland looks like this (it doesn’t), but because Iceland is […]

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Krafla is a volcanic area in the northeast of Iceland, and one of Iceland’s largest lava lover lures. Craters, cones, pools and geothermal heat – Krafla has it all. Krafla is basically a 10 kilometre wide caldera which contains Askja […]

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Energy in Iceland

Thanks entirely to water, Iceland has a remarkable level of energy security – and through largely renewable means. Icelanders use their fast flowing rivers to generate electricity for homes and industry and the country’s ample supply of geothermal hot water […]

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Mývatn Nature Baths

Sometimes called the ‘Blue Lagoon of the north’, it is indeed true that the Mývatn Nature Baths are an outdoor pool of hot water where people luxuriate in the restorative waters for pleasure, relaxation and therapy. It is also true […]

strokkur banner


The spouting hot water jet of Geysir is an iconic image, and before cheap flights to Iceland allowed foreigners to really begin discovering the country properly it was one of the only pictures of Iceland you would find on Google […]

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The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is without doubt one of Iceland’s most famous attractions. And deservedly so. It is convenient that there is hardly a better way to freshen up after a flight, or to de-stress before one. And it just happens […]


Think you’re ready for a dip in an Icelandic swimming pool? Read this first!

The Icelandic swimming pool is a mysterious and exciting place which, with a few pointers, everyone will love. Especially those who can’t swim. Practically every city, town, village and hamlet has at least one large, fully staffed public swimming complex. […]

tourist beach big

It’s not just the ‘mañana attitude’ that makes Iceland the ‘Mediterraean of the North’

Of course we realise that people don’t come to Iceland for the beaches. The Blue Lagoon, maybe, but the beach? Hardly. But should you find yourself on a warm summer’s day in Reykjavík with nothing better to do (and remember […]