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National holidays in Iceland

If you follow Iceland closely (are a so-called Icelandophile) then you might think we spend more time on holiday than at work. And at this particular time of year, that’s not too far from the truth. On years when Easter […]

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Icelandic summer begins today!

Yes, that’s right: ignore the snow on the ground and get barbecuing. Today really is the first day of summer in Iceland and just to prove it, it’s even a national holiday. Hooray! Schools, offices and many shops are closed […]


WOW destinations: Where to next?

Every city has its charm and usually there is also a dish favoured by the locals. We recommend eating your way through Europe’s greatest cities. Tap into Barcelona Tapas is the dish and you will not be disap- pointed. The […]


Easter in Iceland

There are several important things to know about Icelandic Easters: they are long, they are chocolatey, they are often boozy and they are well-travelled. Easter in Iceland is long because it is effectively a five-day weekend, from Maundy Thursday to […]

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Iceland holidays give a better welcome than any other. Fact.

It’s official: Iceland is the best place to visit in the world…if you place a warm welcome from friendly locals near the top of your holiday priorities. A new report by the World Economic Forum ranked Iceland as the most […]

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Christmas in Iceland

Icelandic jól (Yule) festivities could – and probably do somewhere – fill a book. But that’s not to say we’re not going to make a valiant attempt at providing a solid introduction here. Christmas occurs around the darkest time of […]


As the song goes, “It’s the most deliciousest time of the year!”

Remember being a small kid at Christmas? It was all about the presents and the general excitement of the season. If anything, all that delicious food just consumed time and got in the way of all the good stuff. But […]

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Getting that Christmassy feeling? No, nor are we…yet

It’s way too early to be getting excited about Christmas and New Year’s just yet and as usual the shops are taking flack from the average Josephine on the street for getting in the festive spirit too early. Retailers’ jobs […]