Icelandic songs and singers at Harpa Concert Hall

Iceland has an endless amount of musicians, and it‘s not all just Björk and Sigurrós. If you‘re in the mood for some classical music, you should go to the Harpa Concert Hall by the Reykjavik harbour. There you‘ll find all […]


Ten WOW things to do in Iceland – Davíð Arnar Sigurðsson

Davíð Arnar Sigurðsson is one of WOW air’s flight attendants this summer, but during the winter he studies Business Administration at the University of Iceland. He’s almost 22, lives in Hafnarfjörður but comes from a village in the Eastfjords called […]


The Icelandic accent and dialect

Icelanders have a habit of speaking very good English. This much is widely known – but you may not have encountered some of the stranger, more endearing aspects of Icelanders speaking ‘foreign’. Icelanders are exposed to foreign languages on TV […]

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Icelandic literature

Thanks in no small part to the Sagas of the Icelanders, Iceland is world famous for its literature. But the country is no literary one-trick-pony, and its reputation is truly deserved. We cannot knock the sagas. They truly are one […]

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Icelandic design

All products are designed in some way and some of those designed products were presumably designed in Iceland. However, the oft-brandished term “Icelandic design” does not tend to refer to new types of fish gutting machines or tractors – however […]


Icelandic language

There are two ways you might expect this article to start. One route would be to begin: “Icelandic is an inflected north Germanic language in the Indo-European group of languages”, at which point you’d fall asleep. The second way you […]

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Icelandic cinema

By and large Icelandic cinema can be described as subtle. It prioritises drama, suspense, plot and mood over explosions, car chases, songs and dancing. Of course we try to make it sound like an intellectual choice made by sophisticated people; […]


Don’t be scared, it’s only Christmas in Reykjavik

Christmas in Iceland is like nothing you’ve ever seen anywhere else. But now you can experience it in all its weird glory with Reykjavík City’s new Christmas creatures game from the 6th December. It’s fair to guess you didn’t grow […]


WOW air caught peddling books to unwilling youngsters

  It sounds like a scandal. But the real scandal is that a quarter of Iceland’s boys can’t read adequately in their own language. The CEO of WOW air decided he wanted to do something about it. The reluctance to […]