A haggard looking Walter Mitty / Ben Stiller with a scateboard / longboard standing on a country road in Iceland

Iceland as Iceland in Walter Mitty movie

Did you just watch Iceland in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? Are you now searching for cheap flights to Iceland? Well look no further, the Walter Mitty experience could be closer than you think, and cheaper if you travel with […]


Major movie news from Iceland, see the video here

Iceland is regularly used by film-makers for its unique landscape and there is always a buzz of excitement when flights to Iceland arrive full of Hollywood stars. This time round the country is joining the whole world in anticipation of […]

bio paradis

A true paradise for film enthusiasts

Text by Dísa Bjarnadóttir Icelanders love going to the cinema. Perhaps it’s because our winters can be long, dark and cold. It means that sometimes we just need a little escape from our own reality and to get lost in […]

101 rvk

Icelandic cinema

By and large Icelandic cinema can be described as subtle. It prioritises drama, suspense, plot and mood over explosions, car chases, songs and dancing. Of course we try to make it sound like an intellectual choice made by sophisticated people; […]


Icelandic Movie Madness Infestation (IMMI)

If you’re a certified Iceland nut you probably thought the letters IMMI stood for something quite different; but that’s okay, we can forgive your mistake. This is the latest in our series of blog posts on the modern-day film industry […]

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Hollywood comes to Iceland, or should that be “Kristþyrnaviður”?

We enjoyed last week’s blog about James Bond being filmed in Iceland so much that we decided to write another one about a few other notable international films which were made here. In case you’re wondering, Kristþyrnaviður is a literal […]