Great display of Northern Lights over a body of water in the Icelandic country side

The Northern Lights in Iceland are stronger than ever

According to the Geophysical Institute at The University of Alaska Fairbanks a strong auroral activity is expected over Iceland tonight. The forecast says this is due to a large, Earth-facing solar event that occurred on January 7th and that the […]

Reykjavik police

WOW air news: police stops a one man’s rímur party

Rímur is an old Icelandic type of epic vocal poem, with fixed diatonic melodies. It has remained unchanged for five whole centuries and seems to be very much alive still today, as a recent article on visir.is confirms. “We are […]

Icelandic IKEA Christmas Goat

WOW air news: the tragic fate of the IKEA Christmas goat

As WOW air now offers cheap flights between Sweden and Iceland, we here at the office are excited about everything Swedish – and what is more so than IKEA?! Of course there is an IKEA in Iceland (only one though) […]

Happy Birthday to us! A whole year of cheap flights to Iceland.

Today at the WOW air headquarters in Iceland, we are celebrating the one year anniversary of our first flight. We are proud of having been able to provide cheap flights to Iceland and for continuously adding new destinations. We now […]

Kent Brockman banner

WOW air news: Julia Stiles, more phones & more equality

Another day, another news round-up – and today’s stories go like this: good, bad, “meh”, bad, good, good. So let’s begin. The news today has been reaped, skimmed, clipped and otherwise harvested from Vísir.is Good: The Hollywood actress Julia Stiles […]

newspaper banner

WOW air news: nature, prizes, nature, birthday, nature & success

In case you didn’t guess, there is a lot about nature and the environment in today’s top headlines. And why not? It is extremely important, after all… Today’s headlines are based on news from RÚV.is Arguably the pearl in North […]


WOW air news: Jeremy Clarkson, neo-con-com & lobster trouble

Well, it’s that time of day again. Time for us to make like Mummy Bird and regurgitate some nourishing news nuggets for ingestion by information-insatiable international Icelandophiles. Or something like that… Today’s top titbits come to you from DV.is Iceland […]

on air banner

WOW air news: farmers, free time, Iran and Dubai

[To be read out loud in your very best broadcasting voice]: Good [morning/afternoon/evening], this is WOW air Iceland news. Today’s top stories: North Iceland farmers in crisis, waiting for new minister to help. The young Icelander in charge at one […]

news banner

WOW air news: Dionne Warwick, David James & a decorative pile

Lots of news again today, so our Info Squirrels have gnawed the highlights down into bite-size chunks for your delight and delectation. Today’s news comes from RÚV.is and stories are presented in completely random order. Firstly is the news that […]

ron burgundy

WOW air news: whale PM and country steals man’s watch

WOW – plenty of news today. So the snippets are even snippier than usual. This is what you might call Speed News! Today’s news comes from Vísir.is Djúpavogs- hreppur, population 500, has become the first Slow Food “Cittaslow” City in […]

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