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Northern Lights over Kleifarvatn in Iceland

It’s almost like being there

Iceland really is the photographers dream and some of them do things a little bit differently. If you follow WOW air’s awesome Facebook page you’ve probably seen the equally awesome 360° photo of the northern lights we shared recently. We […]

Great display of Northern Lights over a body of water in the Icelandic country side

The Northern Lights in Iceland are stronger than ever

According to the Geophysical Institute at The University of Alaska Fairbanks a strong auroral activity is expected over Iceland tonight. The forecast says this is due to a large, Earth-facing solar event that occurred on January 7th and that the […]

Northern lights iceland

Win a Northern Lights Holiday for two with WOW air!

We’re giving away a Northern Lights Holiday for two and return flights for two as well. So, how do you get your hands on the prize? By giving us a LIKE on Facebook, entering the sweepstake there and then you […]

Elemental Iceland

Amazing Timelapse of Iceland’s Natural Beauty

Iceland is amazingly beautiful, and even we that live here cannot resist admiring its beauty. Especially when talented photographers such as the Norwegian Stian Rekdal capture it at its very best. According to an interview with Rekdal in National Geographic, the […]


Ten WOW things to do in Iceland – Catherine Côté

Catherine Côté is a very colourful French-Canadian girl, who has lived in Iceland for almost a year now. She came to Iceland for the first time in 2010, and loved it so much that she promised herself to go back […]

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Don’t be green, be yellow: Visiting the sights of the Simpsons’ Icelandic adventure

You probably already know (unless you live in a cave) that Springfield’s most loved family, The Simpsons, recently took a trip to Iceland – well, Homer, Carl, Moe and Lenny did anyway – and it was full of the usual […]


Amazing northern lights show over Iceland

Last night saw one of the best northern lights shows in years over Iceland, due to a recent coronal mass ejection, or sun burst. The good news is that it will probably be just as good tonight (Monday 18th March […]


Northern lights photo competition winners announced!

You may or may not remember the little competition we were running, offering free flights in return for great northern lights photographs. Well, anyway, we promised results in February and managed to stick to that promise just about…despite the fact […]

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Northern lights

In some ways Iceland is almost a fairly normal place, sometimes. But that certainly cannot be said of the nights. The frantic weekend partying is perennial, but you have to book flights to Iceland at specific times if you want […]


Capturing the northern lights: Nature’s big show

Olgeir Andrésson has gathered attention worldwide for his photographs of the stunning nature of Iceland, especially the northern lights. Among his accomplishments is being named ‘Photographer of the Year’ in 2008 by Danish Zoom Magazine and having one of his […]

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