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WOW air news: Julia Stiles, more phones & more equality

Another day, another news round-up – and today’s stories go like this: good, bad, “meh”, bad, good, good. So let’s begin. The news today has been reaped, skimmed, clipped and otherwise harvested from Vísir.is Good: The Hollywood actress Julia Stiles […]


WOW air news: Jeremy Clarkson, neo-con-com & lobster trouble

Well, it’s that time of day again. Time for us to make like Mummy Bird and regurgitate some nourishing news nuggets for ingestion by information-insatiable international Icelandophiles. Or something like that… Today’s top titbits come to you from DV.is Iceland […]

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WOW air news: farmers, free time, Iran and Dubai

[To be read out loud in your very best broadcasting voice]: Good [morning/afternoon/evening], this is WOW air Iceland news. Today’s top stories: North Iceland farmers in crisis, waiting for new minister to help. The young Icelander in charge at one […]


WOW air news: new government and new global TV franchise

After all the excitement of the Icelandic elections this weekend, here is a quick round-up of that and other interesting snippets from the WOW news team. Today’s news comes from RÚV.is We should probably start with the big gun: that […]

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WOW air news: no apes for sale and a big election

Here is the latest round-up of interesting Icelandic news straight to your reading eyes from the writing fingers at the WOW air newsroom. Today’s stories come from Vísir.is Let us start with the biggest story: Iceland goes to the polls […]

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WOW air news: Bieber small and blood sucked from politicians

Here’s a round-up of some of today’s most interesting Icelandic news, personally compiled for [insert your name here] by those caring guys and gals at WOW air. All today’s stories come from RUV.is We begin with news that candidates from […]


Politics in Iceland

Politics and system of government are really important bits of information about any country and this online magazine about everything Iceland would not be complete without it. We’re going to try and keep it interesting though! You’ve probably heard that […]



It’s sort of hard to understate the importance of this little bit of countryside to the Icelandic nation. Pretty much everything of national significance happened here until the tiny village of Reykjavík grew too big for its boots and stole […]


Thanks to politics WOW air has change of address, but doesn’t move anywhere

What a week it’s been here at WOW air, what with the big move and everything. Luckily though, we didn’t have to do much. The new address came to us and physically you’ll find us in the same bright purple […]