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Ten WOW things to do on the East Fjords in Iceland – Sara Dis Tumadottir

Sara Dís is 24 years old and works at the Tourist Information Centre in Egilsstadir. She shared with WOW magazine her top ten WOW things to do on the East Fjords in Iceland. Sandra Dís says: The East Fjords are […]


West Iceland

West Iceland is hugely popular with Icelandic tourists and home to hundreds of summerhouses. Its rolling green landscape is broken by occasional lava fields and plenty of farms. It also includes the easy-to-miss, but hard to forget Snæfellsnes peninsula. The […]


Suðurnes and the capital region

The far south-western peninsula of Iceland is usually seen as a distinct region because of its unique landscape and its high human population density. The strange lavascape of Reykjanes has a lot more to see than you might guess. In […]

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The Westfjords

If you’ve seen a map of Iceland, the chances are you’ve noticed its big, craggy ‘head’ in the northwest corner and marvelled at how it makes the country look like some sort of morbidly obese slug monster. Clearly. Noticing the […]

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East Iceland

There is very little lying between the deep-cut East Fjords of the Atlantic Ocean and the endless expanse of the Central Highlands. The East of Iceland is very short on flat arable land, but does not lack spectacular scenery and […]

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South Iceland

From the most fertile farmland in Iceland to barren plains of black sand, the flat expanses of South Iceland are hemmed in by high mountains, cliffs and waterfalls and feature the country’s most famous glaciers and volcanoes. The ‘fire and […]


North Iceland

You can always expect a warm welcome in the north of Iceland; partly because there’s a load of natural geothermal heat, but also plenty of warm sunshine in the summer and year-round warmth gushing from the local people, who are […]



Iceland is pretty much a perfect oval shape, cracked and scarred with fjords. Or at least it would be if it weren’t for the three peninsulas (peninsuli?) sticking out from its west coast. The bottom one is the smallest and […]