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Vík í Mýrdal

The town of Vík, as it is usually known, is an important regional service centre right in the centre of South Iceland. It is the biggest town for miles around and almost everyone in Iceland has been there, as the […]

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The ring road

Iceland’s Route 1 highway conveniently takes a circular route around most of the country and is therefore the preferred option for people on holiday in Iceland, with a hire car and a week or more to kill. Of course, you […]



Akranes is one of the major economic centres of West Iceland and has a lot to offer the tourist. Indeed it has a lot more to offer tourists than might immediately be apparent. You see, Akranes is not an unattractive […]

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Höfn í Hornafirði

More usually known simply as Höfn (pronounced a bit like ‘Hup’), this is a rare and precious harbour in Southeast Iceland, where the coastline does not usually allow for the landing of boats. As a result, Höfn is a famous […]

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The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is the single best-trodden tourist trail in Iceland…and that’s because it includes some of the most remarkable sights in Europe, nay, the universe! At its core the Golden Circle is a 300 kilometre long round trip, usually […]



Húsavík is a surprisingly large town in Northeast Iceland. It is a very pretty place and has become a major destination for people travelling around the country. The town is ‘surprisingly’ large for two reasons: firstly because the northeast of […]