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Vík í Mýrdal

The town of Vík, as it is usually known, is an important regional service centre right in the centre of South Iceland. It is the biggest town for miles around and almost everyone in Iceland has been there, as the […]

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Höfn í Hornafirði

More usually known simply as Höfn (pronounced a bit like ‘Hup’), this is a rare and precious harbour in Southeast Iceland, where the coastline does not usually allow for the landing of boats. As a result, Höfn is a famous […]

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Selfoss is the fifth biggest town in Iceland (if you lump the capital city municipalities together as one) and is the biggest settlement in the South. And as Route 1 runs right through it, there is a very good chance […]

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South Iceland

From the most fertile farmland in Iceland to barren plains of black sand, the flat expanses of South Iceland are hemmed in by high mountains, cliffs and waterfalls and feature the country’s most famous glaciers and volcanoes. The ‘fire and […]

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Looking for contrasts and change in Iceland

By Lorraine Warren: I first fell in love with Iceland back in 2005. It was a work trip, a conference workshop, that was held at Bifröst University. The name of the conference was ‘Fire and Ice’. It was about aesthetics […]

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The spouting hot water jet of Geysir is an iconic image, and before cheap flights to Iceland allowed foreigners to really begin discovering the country properly it was one of the only pictures of Iceland you would find on Google […]



Vatnajökull is more than just Europe’s largest glacier; it is also part of Europe’s largest national park. Guess what it’s called… That’s right, the Vatnajökull National Park. But it’s not like the name Vatnajökull is particularly catchy to start with; […]