Icelanders celebrate the first day of summer in April

The first day of summer

Today we celebrate the First Day of Summer (sumardagurinn fyrsti). Back in the day Icelanders used the old norse calendar which divided the year into only two seasons, winter and summer. Before all those heated swimming pools and fleece sweaters, the […]

Alpenbrevet cycling

WOW Cyclothon – The Basel Boys

  The annual WOW Cyclothon is a 1332 km relay race, circling Iceland where one cyclist passes the baton to the next in teams of 6-10 people. Held from June 19-22, the longest days of the year, in rain, mud […]

water beach

Sunbathing opportunities in Iceland

Getting a sun tan in Iceland is not nearly as difficult or as exotic as you might imagine. On the other hand, our northerly location, dark winters, blustery breezes and regular cloud cover mean there are a few things you […]

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Trees in Iceland

Iceland used to be known around the world as the land with no trees, but thanks to the increased flow of tourists and Icelanders collectively saying “Hey, that’s not exactly fair”, most people now know that we do in fact […]

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WOW air news: Dionne Warwick, David James & a decorative pile

Lots of news again today, so our Info Squirrels have gnawed the highlights down into bite-size chunks for your delight and delectation. Today’s news comes from RÚV.is and stories are presented in completely random order. Firstly is the news that […]

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Icelandic summer begins today!

Yes, that’s right: ignore the snow on the ground and get barbecuing. Today really is the first day of summer in Iceland and just to prove it, it’s even a national holiday. Hooray! Schools, offices and many shops are closed […]

All Tomorrow’s Parties will be in Iceland!

And not only that, but All Tomorrow’s Parties will take actually place this 28th and 29th June in Keflavík. You might have guessed already: it is the name of a music festival. A really cool music festival with some big […]

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The weather and climate of Iceland

Every Icelander’s favourite topic, this article could easily turn into a tome if we’re not careful. Iceland just gets so much weather, you see. Arrive in the country expecting every type of weather and you probably won’t get caught out. […]

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The midnight sun

Ah, summertime in Iceland. Can anything be more perfect? If the weather is playing nice, then no, probably not. It’s pretty great. Especially the bright nights… Of course officially speaking the midnight sun is only visible above the Arctic Circle: […]

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Summer is on its way!

WOW air loves summer. We love the birds. We love the bees. And we love our guests – and no other season provides us with as much to do as the summer does! The world visits Iceland at the same […]

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