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The center of the earth, northern lights and all that jazz

You’ve booked your cheap flight to Iceland, but want to plan your holiday and are thinking about what to do. Well, search no further! Our travel experts have put together the top ten things to do and put it on […]


Ten WOW things to do in Iceland – Svandís Nanna Pétursdóttir

Svandís Nanna Pétursdóttir is a 23 year old stewardess, born and raised in Reykjavik. She’s adventurous and loves all sorts of crazy things. During the winter she studies Tourism at the University of Iceland. Svandís Nanna loves travelling all around […]

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The spouting hot water jet of Geysir is an iconic image, and before cheap flights to Iceland allowed foreigners to really begin discovering the country properly it was one of the only pictures of Iceland you would find on Google […]

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The word might look like some sort of seabird fragranced aerosol deodorant for men, but in Icelandic it means something like gold waterfall – or ‘Golden Falls’, if you will. This despite the fact that it is clearly brown – […]

Inni í eldfjfalli


Iceland’s Þríhnúkagígur volcano is thought to be the only place in the world where you can safely explore a volcano’s magma chamber…from the inside. Talk about an experience of a lifetime! Lowered in a small skyscraper window washer’s pulley lift through […]


Northern lights: you might be the knight* who wins the fight for free flights on a WOW air kite. Yes, that’s right, you might!

You know how you like free stuff, right? And you know how you really want to visit Iceland? And then remember the fact that you think the northern lights are pretty cool, and never forget that you think WOW air […]