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What to do in Reykjavík outside the city centre

The Icelandic capital city region is a big place. In fact its seven distinct municipalities make up an area far bigger than you would ever want to explore on foot. Even by bicycle would be pushing it (excuse the pun). […]



Akranes is one of the major economic centres of West Iceland and has a lot to offer the tourist. Indeed it has a lot more to offer tourists than might immediately be apparent. You see, Akranes is not an unattractive […]

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Höfn í Hornafirði

More usually known simply as Höfn (pronounced a bit like ‘Hup’), this is a rare and precious harbour in Southeast Iceland, where the coastline does not usually allow for the landing of boats. As a result, Höfn is a famous […]



Borgarnes is one of the biggest towns in West Iceland, and the only one that the Route 1 ring road runs directly through. It is also a misunderstood town with more going for it than a lot of people think. […]



The town of Egilsstaðir is East Iceland. Or, to put it another way, it is the biggest town and major service centre in the whole east of the country. It has a population of under 2,500. The East Fjords are […]

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The far northwest of Iceland is a large peninsula which looks like some sort of deformed dragon. It is geologically the oldest part of Iceland and is the product of ancient volcanoes and the ravages of Ice Age glaciers. The […]

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Akureyri is Iceland’s largest urban centre outside the Greater Reykjavik capital region. It is the country’s ‘second city’; much like Shanghai, Birmingham, L.A, or Milan…but Akureyri has just 18,000 inhabitants. It might therefore be considered one of the world’s smallest […]