Coffee Crazy Icelanders

Your holiday in Iceland is sure to include a lot of coffee and at least one café. You will soon find out that Icelanders are crazy about their coffee. They drink it all day, every day and it is an […]

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Iceland in space!

Most small nations have very little to do with the endless realms of space. After all, running a space programme is not cheap-as-chips and small populations make it statistically less likely NASA will pick them to be flung off the […]

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Iceland the toast of British travellers

According to those fun financial fellows at American Express, Iceland was one of the top three hottest destinations for British travellers in the first quarter of 2013. They clearly didn’t ask everyone in the UK for their opinion, so how […]

The famous Kjölur highland track across Iceland

Route F35 through the middle of Iceland, usually called the Kjölur route, is unique among Iceland’s Highland roads in being the only one you can traverse in an ordinary two-wheel drive car. Of course two-wheel drive hire cars are not […]


Northern lights photo competition winners announced!

You may or may not remember the little competition we were running, offering free flights in return for great northern lights photographs. Well, anyway, we promised results in February and managed to stick to that promise just about…despite the fact […]

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Alpine inspiration for Shutter Ísland

Perhaps confusingly, Team Nine only has two members. They are a two-man team from Switzerland who love nothing more than creating travel videos designed to inspire people to get out and see the world. If their Iceland video, Shutter Ísland […]



When you think about how the immense Ásbyrgi canyon was probably made, it surely ranks among Iceland’s most remarkable natural features. But if you don’t think about how it was made and just take it on face value, then it […]


West Iceland

West Iceland is hugely popular with Icelandic tourists and home to hundreds of summerhouses. Its rolling green landscape is broken by occasional lava fields and plenty of farms. It also includes the easy-to-miss, but hard to forget Snæfellsnes peninsula. The […]

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East Iceland

There is very little lying between the deep-cut East Fjords of the Atlantic Ocean and the endless expanse of the Central Highlands. The East of Iceland is very short on flat arable land, but does not lack spectacular scenery and […]

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South Iceland

From the most fertile farmland in Iceland to barren plains of black sand, the flat expanses of South Iceland are hemmed in by high mountains, cliffs and waterfalls and feature the country’s most famous glaciers and volcanoes. The ‘fire and […]

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