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WOW air news: Julia Stiles, more phones & more equality

Another day, another news round-up – and today’s stories go like this: good, bad, “meh”, bad, good, good. So let’s begin. The news today has been reaped, skimmed, clipped and otherwise harvested from Vísir.is Good: The Hollywood actress Julia Stiles […]

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WOW air news: farmers, free time, Iran and Dubai

[To be read out loud in your very best broadcasting voice]: Good [morning/afternoon/evening], this is WOW air Iceland news. Today’s top stories: North Iceland farmers in crisis, waiting for new minister to help. The young Icelander in charge at one […]

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Trees in Iceland

Iceland used to be known around the world as the land with no trees, but thanks to the increased flow of tourists and Icelanders collectively saying “Hey, that’s not exactly fair”, most people now know that we do in fact […]

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Icelandic summer begins today!

Yes, that’s right: ignore the snow on the ground and get barbecuing. Today really is the first day of summer in Iceland and just to prove it, it’s even a national holiday. Hooray! Schools, offices and many shops are closed […]

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The weather and climate of Iceland

Every Icelander’s favourite topic, this article could easily turn into a tome if we’re not careful. Iceland just gets so much weather, you see. Arrive in the country expecting every type of weather and you probably won’t get caught out. […]


Is Iceland in the Arctic or not?

There are three definitions of what the word ‘Arctic’ means. One puts Iceland entirely outside the Arctic, another puts a fraction of the country inside it, and the third puts over half the country in the Arctic. But wait, there’s […]

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Frost á Fróni*: the beauty of autumn in Iceland

This blog post is written on one of those autumn mornings that make you glad to be alive. You know the sort: not a cloud in the sky, thick frost covering cars, grass and roofs so their colours become dull; […]