Skiing in Mt. Hlidarfjall in northern Iceland.

Spend your Easter in Iceland

Easter is one of the best times to visit Iceland. The weather is usually good, the sun is shining longer with each day and you can eat your fill of the wonderful chocolate Easter eggs, there are plenty of those […]

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Are there really red sands in Iceland?

The short answer is no. Well, maybe some volcanic red stained sand in hot spring areas; but not at the beach. What we have instead is one of the most beautiful and memorable golden sand beaches you’ll ever have the […]

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Árneshreppur warrants an article here for two reasons: firstly because it is Iceland’s least populated municipality, with only about 50 residents; and secondly because this huge, remote municipality is seriously picturesque and deserves a visit. Amazingly for a place with […]

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The Hornstrandir peninsula

The northernmost part of Iceland’s Westfjords peninsula is where you’ll find the Hornstrandir nature reserve: one of the most secluded places in the Western world. Hornstrandir bucks the develop- ment trend. As humans are encroa- ching on more and more […]

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The Westfjords

If you’ve seen a map of Iceland, the chances are you’ve noticed its big, craggy ‘head’ in the northwest corner and marvelled at how it makes the country look like some sort of morbidly obese slug monster. Clearly. Noticing the […]

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The far northwest of Iceland is a large peninsula which looks like some sort of deformed dragon. It is geologically the oldest part of Iceland and is the product of ancient volcanoes and the ravages of Ice Age glaciers. The […]


A truly epic journey (video)

As spring begins to to grip the land, with nothing more than tentative fingertips, Chad, Forrest and Chad take to sail, ski and kayak to explore one of the remotest (and most beautiful) corners of Iceland. People lived on the […]