A great winter sport in Iceland is diving in the river Silfra at Thingvellir.

Snorkeling in Silfra

What could possibly make visitors to Iceland and Icelanders alike dip into the icy cold waters of the river Silfra during the winter? WOW magazine’s correspondent Dísa Bjarnadóttir contacted Hössi from dive.is and asked him what the deal was. “Snorkeling […]

Northern Lights over Kleifarvatn in Iceland

It’s almost like being there

Iceland really is the photographers dream and some of them do things a little bit differently. If you follow WOW air’s awesome Facebook page you’ve probably seen the equally awesome 360° photo of the northern lights we shared recently. We […]

An Icecave in the Vatnajokull region south east Iceland

A winter paradise – The Vatnajokull region

You will find the real reason why Iceland got its name in the Vatnajokull region. The area is dominated by Vatnajokull glacier, the largest glacier in the world outside the Arctic region. If you fancy a winter vacation in Iceland […]

Snowboarding festival in Akureyri, Iceland

Winteraction – Extreme in Akureyri

Ak Extreme is an annual winter event that brings snowboarding right into the centre of Akureyri, Iceland’s northern capital. First held in 2002 this cool competition is now one of the country‘s biggest snowboarding competitions. Find cheap flights to Iceland […]

An array of Thorri food, pickled lamb products, cured shark and dried fish.

Hello to Thorri in Iceland

We’re certainly stinking up the place here at the WOW air headquarters today. The reason is our celebration of Husband’s Day, the first day of the old Icelandic calendar month Thorri. If you book cheap flights to Iceland right now […]

Great display of Northern Lights over a body of water in the Icelandic country side

The Northern Lights in Iceland are stronger than ever

According to the Geophysical Institute at The University of Alaska Fairbanks a strong auroral activity is expected over Iceland tonight. The forecast says this is due to a large, Earth-facing solar event that occurred on January 7th and that the […]

Reykjavik Visual Music

Reykjavik Visual Music 2014

If you’re flying with WOW air to Iceland the last weekend of January, you should check out the Reykjavik Visual Music – Punto y Raya Festival. A feast of pure Colour, Motion and Sound. Non-representational Art takes the lead at […]

midnight sun banner

The weather and climate of Iceland

Every Icelander’s favourite topic, this article could easily turn into a tome if we’re not careful. Iceland just gets so much weather, you see. Arrive in the country expecting every type of weather and you probably won’t get caught out. […]


Northern lights photo competition winners announced!

You may or may not remember the little competition we were running, offering free flights in return for great northern lights photographs. Well, anyway, we promised results in February and managed to stick to that promise just about…despite the fact […]

northern lights iv banner

Northern lights

In some ways Iceland is almost a fairly normal place, sometimes. But that certainly cannot be said of the nights. The frantic weekend partying is perennial, but you have to book flights to Iceland at specific times if you want […]

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